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MIDI Library


Our MIDI library contains nearly 500 works for double bass, including standard solo repertoire works and etudes, as well as easy pieces and collections for beginners.


MIDI files can be used with computers to play bass parts and accompaniments, and can also be used with suitable programs to print music.


All works are freely available for downloading here...



Silly Stuff

From baby pictures to computerized excuse makers, from Mark Twain's observations about the German language to a shooting gallery with the teacher as the target... you'll find these and much more in our "Silly Stuff" page!

For many more articles, see our "Highlights" from 2001 until today! Find them all under "Highlights," here...


Information about studying in Ireland available here...

Amazing Bigos Polish Dinner and Birthday Party!
Jackek Karwan and friends helped celebrate Michael's birthday by preparing the most delicious bigos Polish dinner, followed by singing, dancing and general mayhem! See video below.

Or watch the Bigos and Birthday photo
slideshow here...

A Tribute to my teacher, Nat Gangursky

nat gangursky


Double basses in tutus and other insanity, here in our "Video Highlights"!

nusskracher doublebass ballet


as performed at the UdK Weihnachtsfeier!

Recordings from the Korean International Music Festival 2008
including Rimsky-Korsakow's Flight of the Bumblebee

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