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Here, you will have the chance to meet the students in the class, see in which orchestras they're playing, and discover a little more about life as a music student.

More highlights from past semesters


Fifty Shades of Bass

Student recital of the double bass class of Prof. Michael Wolf

Streichersaal der UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12
Thursday, 11. May 2017, 19.30

Works by Battersini, Kissevitzky, Funhal, Mischreck, and more..

At the piano: Zsuzsa Balint

Entrance free

Koussevitzky's Third Revisted

The third movement of Koussevitzky's double bass concerto has a number of shortcomings, the huge cut and paste from the beginning of the first movement being the most glaring. I have experimented with correcting some of these weaknesses, substituting variations for simple copies, and making the piece generally more virtuosic. I used the piece that Gliere (the actual composer) used as a model, Saint Saens 2nd 'cello concerto, for further inspiration, since, in a sense, it is the "original" work. As a gag, I resolved the fuss over the printing error in bar 59, which leads some to play in the wrong octave, by playing BOTH octaves -- that finally settles that!

Koussevitzky's Love Duet Revealed!

If you thought that you were playing a solo when performing the second movement of Koussevitzky's double bass concerto, just image how the poor soprano standing beside you must have felt, being completely ignored while singing of her undying love and devotion to you in this love duet! To show the equal beauty of both voices, I made this little arrangement of the work, switching the double bass's tenor voice with the soprano voice from the piano đ everything is from the original, no new notes were added. The original version, of course, needs no improvement, but I hope this little experiment will inspire some of you to listen to the so-called "accompaniment" a bit better in the future!

New Position!!


Fu Chun Chang has a new position as assistant principal bass with the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, in Suzhou, China. Here she is with her new colleagues!

‪"Sonata for Double Bass and Piano" by Michael Wolf (2014)‬

Premiere performance of the "Sonata for Double Bass and Piano" by Michael Wolf (2014) at the Perigee Hall 기획초청연주회 Mix & Match Concert 2016 in Seoul, S. Korea, with pianist In Sun Choi 최인선 and double bassist Michael Wolf. (Presented by yulHAUS www.yulhaus.com)

"Amerirang‬" by Sang Jin Kim

"Amerirang for Double Bass and Piano" by Sang Jin Kim at the Perigee Hall 기획초청연주회 Mix & Match Concert 2016 in Seoul, S. Korea, with the composer at the piano. Kim wrote the piece, an "American" version of the Korean folk song, Arirang, for double bassist Michael Wolf. (Presented by yulHAUS www.yulhaus.com)


Sheet music now available in our Online Shop here:

Sonata Nr. 2 for Double Bass and Piano (2014)
Michael Wolf

Price: 9.95 EUR
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Bass (solo tuning) and piano parts

  • Moderato
  • Andante
  • Minuet and Trio
  • Allegro vivace

A printable PDF file will be sent per email after purchase.

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Grundlagen der Kontrabass Technik, Principles of Doublebass Technique

3rd Edition!

A new and revised edition of "Principles of Double Bass Technique" is now available and may be purchased for 24.95 Euros directly from Schott Music GmbH & Co. (ISBN 3-7957-8732-7, ISBN 98-3-7957-8732-5, ED 8732) or at Amazon.com or Amazon.de

Many thanks to you all for the great support, commendation and success that the first edition of my double bass method has enjoyed.

More information here in German and English.

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